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Certified Therapy Dog, Inc. is an AKC Recommended, Non-Profit group of caring people dedicated to training and volunteering with their Certified Therapy Dog.

  • If your goal is to: Bring joy, happiness and hopeand promote the physical, mental and emotional well-being that the touch of a dog will provide....

  • Our Purpose: Is to help you do just that!


Whether your goal is to…​

  • Bring smiles, comfort and joy to people in places that need it most such as: schools, children’s hospitals, rehabilitation centers, the juvenile and family courthouse, library reading programs, memory care facilities, assisted living facilities, the VA, counseling sessions, the airport and more.

  • Increase the welcome you receive by having a legitimate and well-trained Emotional Support or Companion Dog by earning an AKC Certificate of Good Citizenship and Obedience from a Certified AKC Trainer. 

  • Or you just want to enjoy the pride of having an impressively well behaved four-legged friend…

​Certified Therapy Dog, Inc. (CTD) is THE AKC RECOMMENDED organization that will assist you and your furry friend to achieve your goals.

We think you will find the information on our website very interesting. But, if you would like to get in touch sooner...please either fill out the information on the CONTACT US tab or send an email directly to or call Alan at 561.512.0015.

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