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Our Mission

The Certified Therapy Dog, Inc. Difference

Certified Therapy Dog, different than other groups. CTD goes far beyond what other therapy dog organizations claim to offer. When you read our TRAINING CURRICULUM sections, and review the IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS will see why.

  • CTD provides ALL LEVELS of AKC TRAINING required to become a legitimate, nationally respected and internationally recognized Certified Therapy Dog.

  • FUN FACT: CTD has been invited to judge Canine Good Citizen testing at Westminster Dog Show events. We have also been requested to participate in multi-national studies researching the impact of therapy dogs on mental and physical wellness programs.

  • All CTD Board Members and Volunteers have conducted thousands upon thousands of therapy dog visits to a broad array of facilities. Our staff is full on therapy dog oriented and dedicated to earning the admiration and respect that comes with a well-trained canine companion.

  • FUN FACT: Virtually all of the dogs that have been trained for therapy service in our county area have been trained personally by either our Founder, Alan Levine or Certified Therapy Dog, Inc. Some of our dogs even participate in other therapy dog groups that flatter us by modelling after our approach, methods and  structure; and even place photos of dogs we trained on their own websites.

  • CTD is constantly expanding training and visitation locations to make volunteerism more convenient for you.

  • Our mantra is that dogs play an important part in our lives. They are a huge part of our family. The more time you spend with your pet and the more experiences you share; the stronger the bond between you and your pet will become!

  • Think about this...While our dogs are working to enrich the lives of others, they are always by your side enabling you to do wonderful things as well. The sense of pride and joy you will derive from this activity is priceless. It will help define you as an individual.

               To help you make fully informed decisions, please be sure to read the information on the    "IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION" TAB
     And be sure to call Alan @ 561.512.0015

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