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Our Unique Training Methods

The training curriculum is straightforward and comprehensive. Yet, it provides the flexibility required by your individual training needs and objectives. We have set the standards that other organizations have attempted to copy; and we are continually evolving the methods that yield effective training results and safety protocols for you, your dog and those we visit.

We encourage you to treat your dog with the respect it deserves. After all, once trained, your furry best friend is doing all the work!


CTD employs only …

     🗸 Positive reinforcement and preemptive redirection and correction methods

     🗸 Audible (spoken and vocal) commands

     🗸 Visual hand signals

     🗸 Effusive, loving praise (which, along with treats) increases your dog’s responsiveness


Training will always be fun for you and your dog.


Classes are 60-90 minutes one time a week…But YOU will need to reinforce training every day.


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