Therapy Dog and Handler Team Placement

Once you successfully achieved the three AKC Good Citizen++ levels and attend the five (5) required supervised group visits, you will receive your official certificate and be credentialed as a Certified Therapy Dog Team!

We will introduce you to many of the welcoming facilities that we are affiliated within Palm Beach and Broward Counties. Visitation opportunities will be continually offered by CTD and, upon certification, you are free to make your own appointments. We will help you whenever and wherever you may need assistance. Please know that the CTD provided liability and accident insurance covers only CTD sanctioned and preauthorized locations and times that are open to the entire group. [The lawyers are making us add: Other restrictions, exclusions and limitations apply.]

We are constantly expanding our network of facilities that see the enormous value and contributions that a Certified Therapy Dog can make to their patients, residents, students, etc. If there is not a listed facility near you; or if you would like to visit a specific location, we will reach out on your behalf and, if allowed, make needed arrangements for your visits. Once again, opportunities are available at elementary and high schools, adult and children’s hospitals, the courthouses, airports, rehab and assisted living facilities, hospice, the VA and more.


While most facilities are currently restricting access, we will be ready when and where the benefits of a therapy dog will soon be needed more than ever.