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Requirements For Classes

Classes are structured to be rewarding, fun, safe and comfortable for everyone. So, please bring to every class…

  • Fresh water and a water bowl. We discourage sharing water bowls unless necessary.

  • Plenty of training treats of both high value and lower value to your dog. We do use treats, but effusive praise and loving validation works even better.

  • Paper towels and poopie bags (Just in case!)

  • A mat, towel or similar item that your dog will lay on and get to know as his/her “place”

  • A six-foot (non-retractable) lead

  • A collar/harness 

    • Comfort harnesses are preferred. Front clip harnesses are strongly recommended. [Back clip harnesses are not effective at teaching a dog not to pull on the leash.] We will learn gentle walking control techniques and manners.

    • We recommend an "Easy Walk Front Clip Martingale Harness." You will learn how to safely and comfortably use it.

    • Absolutely NO choke, prong, loop or electronic collars are permitted. We train, we do not restrain!

  • Paper and Pen. We discuss a great deal of important information that you will want to remember and incorporate into your training regimen.

  • Record of current inoculations and county license [Bring to the first class only- but it is a good idea to have a picture of them on your phone, so they are always with you. Some facilities will require them prior to entry.]

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