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Certified Therapy Dog, Inc. Training Curriculum

  • For puppies < 1 Yr.

  • Free of aggression

  • Allows physical interaction by owner and others

  • Allows removal of food and treats

  • Walks well with owner and past distractions

  • Comes, Sits, Downs

  • No anxiety with others

All AKC Certification Levels Below Are Included In The Certified Therapy Dog, Inc. Program All are conducted within the context of conducting ourselves SAFELY!

  • Grooming and manners

  • Accepts friendly strangers and dogs

  • Walks, stops and turns without pulling

  • Walks through crowd without engagement

  • Sit/Down/Stay for specific times

  • Comes and Stops at distance

  • No reaction to distractions

  • Calmly accepts separation from owner

  • Must Pass CGC First

  • Accepts person approaching with items

  • Walks calmly through busy streets

  • Exits and enters doorways under control

  • Behaves in public buildings

  • Crosses streets only when told

  • Ignores food on street

  • Steps, elevators and escalators

  • Must Pass CGC First

  • Accepts person placing items nearby

  • Loose lead walking under full control

  • Walks through crowd on loose lead

  • Distance commands i.e., stay, come and sit from 20 feet

  • “Leave It” on command

  • “Drop it” on command

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While all training prepares you and your dog for Certified Therapy Dog, Inc. visits, the below link will provide all information and number of visits required to achieve each level of the AKC Therapy Dog designations…

In addition to the above training activities, your Certified Therapy Dog, Inc. curriculum includes…

  • Dog CPR, Heimlich and First Aid from either a veterinarian or Palm Beach Fire Recue trained instructor

  • General care and well being practices i.e., teeth brushing, injury preparedness and treatment, etc.

  • Following the ten (10) weeks of classes… you will be escorted through five (5) mandatory group visits to various facilities. This is to train you (perhaps more so than your furry friend) to the recommended safety protocols for handling your dog in various situations and environments.


classes are always open so that ALL CURRENT MEMBERS may continue training and improve performance

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